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Brand Development

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Blue Lemon Hair Spa & Boutique

We were approached and asked to develop a brand that two seperate businesses (a hair salon and an accessories and clothing boutique) that share a workspace, could use as a common entity.

We were asked to come up with a logo that was shabby chic, with distressed textures and a soft color pallette.

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Whiskey & Honey Salon


The first step for any project is the Discovery Meeting. This is when we gain an understanding of your product/service, your business goal, target audience and time line. The information gained during this phase is what helps WallpeDesign create the best possible brand for your business.


Based on the info we gather during the Discovery, we perform a design study that incorporates elements that appeal to you and your target audience. These designs will be tweaked until final approval. "It's alright" isn't good enogh for WallpeDesign. You have to LOVE it!


The Development phase is when you get to see the design come to life. Logo design becomes your Brand. Graphic design becomes printed collateral. Web design becomes a functional web site. And Social Media design becomes your Facebook or Twitter presence.


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